Los Angeles Event Lighting

You’ve planned your wedding to the last detail. But have you thought about the lights?

You should! We rent wedding uplighting, together or separate from our DJ services.

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  • Lighting is THE secret sauce for movies and fashion photography shoots
  • Your guests will know they are “someplace different,” bathed in dramatic light. Professional lighting kits are not something they have in their own homes.
  • Perfect for environmentally friendly weddings – these lights create elegance, not leftover party trash
  • No wires or power cords (Wireless LED lighting is battery powered)
  • No hot lights – LED bulbs
  • Remote control for adjusting patterns and colors
  • Some Venues can’t support the heavy electrical and wattage requirements of traditional uplighting, Our Lights are perfect=they’re battery powered!
  • Easy setup and take down – no DIY hassles. Venue Managers Love that we’re in and out quickly!

“These lights solved my “room” problem in a big way. Thanks guys!” -Becky

Advances in lighting kit technology mean you can transform a room for little additional cost. We can add lights to any DJ package or rent lights only.

If you’ve ever noticed the harshness of a room lit with fluorescent bulbs or eaten dinner by candlelight, you know how important lighting is in setting the tone for an occasion. Whether you want an intimate, romantic reception or a all-out party, lighting plays a huge part in setting the mood for your celebration.

Here is another example from Youtube that shows some of the options a good uplighting setup provides:

Great lighting can instantly make a space feel elegant, glamorous, intimate or like Mardi Gras! You can use different lighting throughout a party or reception to transition from cocktail hour, to dinner, to dance party, each with a totally different feel that is still consistent with your vision for the event. Proper lighting also allows you to customize your event venue for your party. You can highlight the dance floor as a way to encourage people to dance or darken an unused corner to keep it from looking like a sad, empty space.

We use (and rent out) an advanced lighting system to get the feel of your reception just right. Our lights are the “CPod+ 12-1 Wireless Battery Uplight System” and this system gives you the choice of hundreds of colors and lighting configurations to create the exact look you want.

Your next steps:

  1. Wireless LED Light Pricing information – see rental pricing information.
  2. Submit our form to rent a wedding reception light kit – fill out the form to rent our lights.

Contact us to add lighting to your next event!