“The Madison Restaurant” in Long Beach is perfect for Weddings or any occasion!

Located on Pine Street in Long Beach, California is a diamond in the rough, a restaurant that harkens back to a time in American history when partying in ‘high-society’ style was a standard. The Madison Restaurant says “The Jazz Age” or “Roaring 20’s” from the moment you walk in the door, but there’s so much more to this place. I was fortunate to be the Wedding DJ here on a sunday evening in March and I wanted to share the space with our readers who may not have heard of it or thought about it for their wedding reception, birthday party, corporate or other special event. The space is strikingly beautiful with it’s beautiful and very large Chandelier’s, 35 foot high ceilings, woodwork that any aficionado of fine wood working would envy, gorgeous flooring, and a terrific layout overall.

The wait and bar staff is about as beautiful and well appointed as any place I have worked a Wedding in Los Angeles, the bar men wore tuxedo’s without the jackets and most of them looked like a younger version of George Clooney, the security person wore a double breasted Zuit Suit and stood about 15 feet tall, while the young ladies could have all been models as they wore gorgeous black cocktail dresses “very well”. While looks may not be important to you, if you want your wedding to be perfect from head to toe, the staff serving your drinks and food should also look really nice and The Madison delivers with a bang! The food is really terrific as well and the presentations I saw were not over the top “fake fancy” but the flavors were far superior to most Wedding Food I’ve tasted. The wine list is immense and service on all levels was impeccable. If you add some simple but gorgeous florals, a few personal touches with photos of the newlyweds, birthday girl, or company banners, you’ll be on your way to a truly unique and spectacular event and I guarantee your guests will rave about the space you chose and what a great time they had there. But of course, don’t forget to hire a great DJ! Either myself or one of our other DJs would love to entertain there anytime!

The wedding I worked felt much more like a great cocktail/dance party than a formal event, but it had all of the elements that a wedding needed. I loved working with our friend and photographer Cheryl Ogden, she’s always a lot of fun and very professional…just click on her name to visit her website and see some of her work.
There was also a pianist that the Brides mother knew and he came in and played the gorgeous mahogany Grand Piano at the cocktail hour and I took over as DJ after that.
Although my photos don’t do it much justice, this room has an enourmous Bar with the rolling ladder to get to the Top Shelf libations, 35 foot ceilings that grab your attention immediately, and some really interesting murals that harken 1920’s cocktail parties, the atmosphere is really stunning.
Thanks to all the staff and especially to Patrick the proprietor of The Madison as well as Megan the coordinator and Makena and the two gentleman working the bar and floor all of who were very accomodating to the DJ’s needs for loading in and setting up my gear as well as helping me keep the party on schedule and running smoothly throughout the night. By the way, the dancefloor and DJ area are centrally located and it’s easy to see and hear the DJ from any seat in the house.
The space accommodates about 300 people, and there’s a “cellar” or “vault” space below that holds parties of up to 150 guests. The Madison is available for rent on Sunday’s when the entire restaurant is closed and yours to enjoy! If you’re having a special event anywhere near Long Beach, definitely place a star beside the Madison Restaurant and go check it out.

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