The One Hit Wonder

So imagine in your car listening to the radio or your even at a wedding and the DJ plays that one song that was huge hit.  It rose  up the musical charts quickly.  Then one day with the a Thanos snap of the fingers the… Continue Reading

Must Haves for a Rustic Wedding

Having spent 29 years in the wedding business, we’ve seen a lot of trends come and go. We don’t often stick our noses into wedding decor, but thought the recent trend for rustic weddings was worth highlighting. Why? Rustic weddings seem to make people happy…. Continue Reading

The Alcoholic’s Guide to Weddings

Did I get your attention with the title? I should begin by saying, I don’t mean to offend anyone by using the term Alcoholic lightly. I take alcoholism very seriously and have been personally affected by many problem drinkers who I care about. But I… Continue Reading

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