Meet DJ Jason

DJ/MC & Co-founder of Elegant Event Entertainment, Inc.

DJ Jason Jones I believe having a great relationship between the DJ and his client (Bride & Groom, Guest of Honor, Event Planner, etc…) is crucial to the success of any event, especially a Wedding! I hope you’ll continue on to read a little bit about me, and check out some of the reviews my previous clients have written on the web by clicking here, and if you like what you read and think I’d make a great addition to the team of vendors in charge of the success of your special event, I’d love to have an opportunity to meet with you in person or via video conference (Skype, Google, Facetime, etc..) and hopefully to work with you as the DJ & MC for your special occasion.  I live and work in Sherman Oaks.

My love of music began as far back as I can remember, and I was known to pick and play the music at parties my family hosted since I was 8 years old. I’ve been a professional DJ since 1999, when I began my career in my hometown of Asheville, North Carolina. I owned a sole proprietor DJ service there and performed hundreds of weddings, corporate, and private events before moving to Los Angeles in 2006 to further my Voice Acting and DJ careers. I partnered with DJ Chris Mortillaro in 2007 to form Elegant Event Entertainment, and it’s been one of the great challenges and joys of my life to date. Our company has been fortunate enough to DJ and MC over 900 events in the past 7 years.

I LOVE working with Brides and Grooms, and although I love corporate events or a good birthday party, Weddings are my specialty. I work with my clients to help them realize and execute their dream of the perfect wedding. Every single event is unique and I spend hours and hours preparing for each one. I genuinely desire to help make your wedding a complete success, and many of the compliments I receive during and after the event, have solidified how important it is to hire a DJ who cares about the Bride and Groom and their event, to ensure the successful outcome of their wedding. As the DJ, I want to help you plan the music that speaks to you personally, that says something about you as a couple, and will entertain your guests from the moment they arrive at the event until the very last song.  I put tons of energy into building unique playlists for Ceremony, Cocktails, and Dinner and Dancing for your events.
DJ Jason Jones singing

Many of my couples come to me with very diverse and very carefully thought out music requests. My lifelong love and knowledge of music helps me to understand where each individual client is coming from, and I can custom tailor their music and the playlists to be entertaining, lyrically and aurally perfect, and emotionally balanced…from the ceremony (if I’m participating in that) to the cocktail hour, the dinner, the special highlight songs, to the dancing, it is my goal to make the music flow as perfectly and entertainingly as possible.

I began studying music when I was 11 years old. My father was the drummer and lead singer in a top-40 cover band and made his living doing that from 1970 to the mid 1980’s. There was always great music around my house and I was encouraged to learn it, love it, and live it.
I studied music and theater, and have performed professionally as a singer and actor throughout most of my young adult life. I’ve played the leading role in dozens of musical theater productions, and have sung semi professionally with groups like the National Symphony Orchestra & Chorus and Shenandoah Conservatory Choirs, as well as toured throughout Europe where I had a life highlight when I performed the High Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica in The Vatican, in Rome with Pope John Paul II presiding. I’m also a professional voiceover actor and have been in nearly 3000 commercials and recordings on television, film, radio and internet.  Hear what I sound like: Jason Jones VoiceOver Demo

What does all of that have to do with being a Wedding DJ? Everything! My training and love of music translates to “Music Expert”. Spinning music for 13 years translates “Expert DJ”. Being the DJ and Master of Ceremonies for over 500 weddings translates “Expert Wedding DJ/MC”. As a stage actor, I developed skills that have really helped me when working in front of all the guests at a wedding, which by the way, is the most important day in a couple’s lives…I take it very seriously! I want every moment, every song, every announcement I make, and everything I do behind the scenes to help execute your wedding to be flawless and well received by all of your wedding guests. I don’t have to act in front of your guests, I am as natural and genuine and real as any great performer you’ve ever seen. I am comfortable in front of 60 or 60,000 people, and everything in between.

Leading up to the wedding, I meet with my clients to work through all of their music requests, special dance songs, the timeline of the event, the highlight moments, etc…we discuss how everything will be handled and what my exact role is in each moment, how I work with other vendors including wedding coordinators, photographers and videographers, and catering staff. I discuss my role in helping the wedding party and honored guests know what they are supposed to do to prepare for toasts, special dances, grand entrance, etc… And I offer my expertise to help You make decisions about music and timeline or other entertainment factors. I can even help with room and dance lighting, such as our Wireless LED Uplights.

I can also be a wealth of knowledge in helping you find and hire other wedding vendors, because I’ve worked with so many in Los Angeles and Ventura County and have a long list of preferred wedding vendors that I love to work with.

When I’m in front of your guests, I’m a class act on the microphone, I have a wide vocal range and can be anything from professional reserved MC, to “Blow the Roof off the Building” Announcer…and everything in between. It’s your wedding, and I will craft my style to fit yours! In the hundreds of weddings I’ve done, I’ve never received a bad review no matter how reserved or how wild the party was.
I will also dress in a suit and tie for weddings, unless you specify otherwise. When the dancing begins, I generally lose the jacket and tie and roll up my sleeves and rock your dance floor.
I own all of the greatest hits you can think of, but my music collection will never be complete. I allow my clients to use our online event planning software to select their own unique music requests. If I don’t own it, I’ll get it, If I don’t know it, I love learning new music and new artists, so I welcome your requests!

I use top of the line professional audio and computers for my events.  All of the gear is neat and clean, in other words there aren’t a ton of cords and tape all over the place.  My speakers have a very clear sound and are small but pack a big punch, rather than taking up a lot of real estate in the ballroom or reception area.  It’s very important to me that the DJ gear and my personality does not overshadow or detract from the beauty of your Wedding Celebration!

I would love to hear from you, and to work with you for your special event. When clients choose me, their worries are over, but don’t take my word for it, ask any of my hundreds of past clients or my colleagues about me. My schedule books quickly so I encourage you to contact me as soon as you can. If I’m not available for your special day, my business partner Chris Mortillaro will be a great option for you if he is available. If neither of us are, we have a network of other DJs we prefer and will gladly pass their information on to you. Thanks so much for considering me for your most special day!

Sample Mixes: