Meet DJ Ray

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Ray’s love for music started when he was 13. He bought his first turntable in Jr. High school and started off doing school dances and house parties back in the early 80’s. He turned professional in 2000, and has moved on to Djing clubs, lounges, corporate events, and his favorite events…weddings.

“My favorite part has to be the first dance. Seeing the bride, groom and their favorite song. Not a care in the world except for that person right in front of them.

Ray is masterful at his craft and is meticulous when it comes to customizing the playlist for whatever event he is booked for. Having grown up in a combination of all genres of music from 60’s rock, to 70’s disco, into the 80’s new wave and funk and the baby stages of hip hop, to country, r&b, and reggae, Ray’s experience and vast mental library will offer a broad spectrum of music that is sure to please.

As an active member of one of our local nonprofit children’s theater groups, Oxnard Musical Youth Group (O’My), Ray volunteers his time by providing music, sound engineering for the plays and teaching our kids all aspects of sound, lighting and production.

“If our schools can’t offer it anymore, at least I can teach it to our kids this way.” –DJ Ray

Ray has traveled and done gigs in various venues up and down the west coast, into Nevada, and Washington D.C. He has DJ’d with artists like Big Mountain, and has DJ’d for many professional athletes as well as celebrities. With that said, he carries an aura of professionalism with an infectious smile and will make you feel like you have been friends for years. He will listen to your vision, plan accordingly, and design and customize a playlist to your taste and mood for your venue. He collaborates well with other vendors and planners to time your event with the appropriate musical accompaniment.

Favorite Movie: Star Wars – ALL OF THEM!!
Favorite Musical Group: Prince & Jackson 5
Favorite Vacation: Manila, Philippines