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Tips for Handling 5 Wedding-Day Disasters

No one wants to hear the words wedding and disaster in the same sentence—especially when it’s your own wedding that’s being talked about. While true disasters are thankfully rare, smaller snafus are par for the course even with the best planned weddings.

As some of LA’s busiest wedding DJ’s, we’ve seen our share of bloopers, and in our experience, the most resilient couples not only have a great attitude toward the unexpected, but also are equipped with tactics to ensure any mishaps don’t get out of hand. To help you ride out rough spots in your wedding day, we’ve put together a list of tips for how to handle wedding mishaps.

What if: It’s raining cats and dogs on my outdoor wedding?

While a rainy wedding day isn’t too likely in LA, every smart couple has a Plan B, even in sunny California. It’s a good idea to rent a tent for an outdoor wedding—at the very least, it’ll give your guests a shady place to chill. You might even need more than one; for instance, if you have live musicians, they may require a covered area to play.

Another idea? If the forecast isn’t looking great, include a clear umbrella on each guest’s chair as a party favor. If it rains, everyone has a personal shelter, and your photographer will get  some pretty cool Mary Poppins-esque shots.

Above all, it is key for you as the bride and groom to remain upbeat about a rainy ceremony, and your guest will follow suit. Since there’s absolutely nothing you can do to change the weather, just relax, have a good laugh about it, and enjoy the beauty of mother nature—that’s what the couples featured in this NY Times article did, and the wet weather ended up being a fond memory for them. (Hint: read the whole article for more great ideas for what to do if it rains at your wedding).

What if: I have a wardrobe malfunction on the dance floor?

Stains, rips, runs, broken heels, popped straps, and even bird poop on a lapel are justifiable concerns for any bride or groom. When it comes to fixing wardrobe malfunctions, there’s no substitute for being prepared. Before your wedding day, assemble a “first aid kit” with items such as:

  • Easy stain remover
  • Needle, thread and scissors
  • Double-sided fabric tape
  • Safety pins
  • Hair ties

Also, throw in some band-aids, moleskin, and instant ice packs, just in case you or a member of your wedding party encounters a cut, blister, or a face-plant into the dance floor.

Any dance floor mishaps can also be mitigated by a pro wedding DJ, who will know just what to say—and play next to distract the crowd—in most any situation.

So if you or a guest does indeed have an embarrassing moment, simply smile, laugh, and move on. It’s likely that everyone will empathize anyway, and the less drama you make out of it, the more quickly people will move on to the next thing, like a conga line or eating cake!

What if: I trip on my dress when I walk down the aisle?

Usually, the best way to approach any mishap is with humor—and that’s never more true than when it comes to a slip or trip. Laugh it off and carry on. For a little perspective, check out this story: one couple’s photographer literally fell through the ice, and he kept on shooting the whole time. It’s a pretty safe bet that any stumbles you take will be trivial in comparison.

What if: I wake up with the flu on my wedding day?

Getting sick on your wedding day is the worst! While you can’t totally eliminate the chance that you’ll come down with the crud, you can take measures to prevent illness and ensure your immune system is operating in top form for your wedding and honeymoon.

Leading up to the day, take immune boosting vitamins and supplements, drink plenty of water, and get your 8 hours of sleep every night. If possible, avoid spending too long in crowded public places, and if your sister asks you to babysit her sneezing toddler, this is one time when it’s justifiable to say no. If you do wake up on your wedding day feeling off, make sure you have some OTC remedies in your handbag—ibuprofen, Pepto, decongestant, etc.—to provide some relief in a pinch should you need it.

What if: my playlist goes haywire and the chicken dance gets stuck on repeat?

If there’s one thing that can bring down the vibe of a wedding reception, it’s bad music, or a lack of music entirely. Fortunately, this mishap is almost 100% avoidable. Skip the DIY playlist and hire an experienced, professional DJ to manage your music. Also, make sure the DJ you choose has their own proven backup system in case of emergency for one less thing to worry about.

Final words of wisdom

If you do find yourself getting frazzled despite doing your best to be a trooper, don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s natural to feel let down when things aren’t exactly as you imagined on such a special day. If you need to freak out for a minute, find a private spot and do so. Then, take a deep breath, remember that this is only one little wrinkle in an otherwise spectacular party, and enjoy yourself.

We hope we’ve given you some reassurance as well as some useful tactics to help you prepare for your upcoming event. If you are looking for a Los Angeles wedding DJ you can trust to listen to your wishes, keep the tunes flowing, and make your reception the best ever, give our team at Elegant Event Entertainment a call.

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