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Let the DJ Choose Your Wedding Dress. WTF!?

bridal gown bustle 2Ok, I got your attention, now for the truth; I’ve been a Los Angeles Wedding DJ for many years, yet, I have never been to a Wedding Dress Fitting and there was a time when I didn’t know the difference between  Vera Wang and Vera De Milo.  You may not want me to Choose your Wedding Gown for you, But, take my advice before you buy the most expensive, gorgeous, sentimental piece of clothing you will likely ever purchase.  After DJing almost 500 weddings, I’ve seen my share of Vera Wang dresses…could I spot the difference between her designs and Val Stefani’s ( I had to look up names of designers)?  Probably Not in a million years.  So why on Earth would I write an article about Wedding Dresses?  I’ve spent the past 14 years watching Brides and their moms and their Bridesmaids and sometimes their coordinators and other random women try desperately to bustle a flowing Wedding Gown so the Bride can make her Grand Entrance to the Reception and enjoy her First Dance with her new Husband…I would say this is successful 70% of the time.  However, it never seems to fail that at some point during the Wedding Reception, a Bride will have trouble with her wedding dress.  I’ve looked on as Brides fell out of their dresses, yes…fell out.  I’ve seen the bustle come loose over and over again while the Bride attempted to dance and enjoy herself, I’ve witnessed the bustle break completely, I’ve seen the Groom having to hold the dress up while the couple had their First Dance to avoid stepping all over it or tripping and falling.   Several Brides cried while they fussed with their dress to no avail.   I’ve overheard  Brides talk about how the tailoring was done incorrectly, or poorly.  I’ve pretty much seen every kind of problem with the Wedding Dress…and the reason it effects me is because it is my job to help create memories, to run the wedding as the MC, and most importantly to play great music so people (especially the Bride) will dance until they fall over from exhaustion.  However, when a Bride is struggling with her dress, she is often forced to sit out a portion of the dancing while she fools with that dress.  I had one Bride who just took the dress off and changed into street clothes, she had had enough!  And one poor, desperate bride actually contemplated cutting her dress with scissors to free her from it’s bondage!!  So what is going on here?  Why are so many Brides having problems with their dresses?  Honestly, I don’t know.  If I did, then this article would have a trillion hits and shares and I’d become a millionaire and retire.  Instead, the purpose of my article is to challenge you, the Bride, or the mother of the bride, or whomever you are, to put a lot of thought into the selection of the Wedding Dress…not just to look for a dress that looks amazing on you.  Look for and choose a dress that you can be comfortable in for 6-8 hours, one that you can freely and easily move around and dance in, and one that will not, under any circumstances, break or fail while you dance.  Make certain that you Dance in your gown before you buy it, before you take it home…literally put it on and dance around in it, jump up and down, run, walk, skip, hell, do pushups if you want…but whatever you do, don’t just stand there and twirl once and say to yourself “This is the One!”  Also, make sure you have at least 2 people who are with you at the fitting who learn and MASTER the technique of bustling your specific dress.  I imagine many of the wedding dress disasters I’ve seen have happened due to improper bustling, so make that a huge priority when you shop.  There is one other option of course and I’ve seen it work beautifully:  Buy 2 dresses!  Get yourself a “transformable” dress or a shorter cocktail dress that is classy and elegant and easy to dance in and change after you’ve cut your cake…then you can dance freely without any worry for the rest of the night.  Before you buy your Wedding gown, make sure you think about all of the scenarios I’ve listed and remember, if you want to dance and party at your wedding, you most definitely want to be comfortable and you want to know without a doubt that your Wedding Dress will lend itself to that.  Good luck in your search, Best Wishes for an Amazing Wedding…Dance your tush OFF and with any luck, try to keep your dress ON!

– Los Angeles Wedding DJ Jason Jones

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