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Getting Married? 25 videos you should see

We found this fun collection of wedding videos on the web at below is the article.

Weddings can be tense affairs, can be drunk affairs, can be fun affairs.


  • Dancing, lots of variety to famous songs, some good and some not so good dancing, but all the fun of a wedding and all adding to the occasion
  • Fall into pools – inadvertent and deliberate pool bathing
  • Strippers – unannounced and expected strippers
  • Bouquet toss – The classic scramble for the bouquet
  • Garter removal – Various methods including teeth, how high does the garter go?
  • Animations – Some animated wedding scenes too
  • Bride in the bathroom – To show men how hard it can be for the bride to go to the toilet
  • And even guests dancing to Michael Jackson’s thriller.
  • Best man speech, the usual jokes, gags and humor

The videos are all good clean fun and designed for family enjoyment and viewing together. Feel free to leave comments or links below if you have funny wedding stories or videos.

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