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The Best Songs for The Grand Entrance of the Wedding Party

Let’s face it, picking a song for the Grand Entrance of the Wedding Party can and should be a Lot of Fun! We’ve all seen youtube videos of Grand Entrances that include choreographed dance numbers, but honestly, if you and your wedding party are not interested in learning a Broadway worthy dance routine you needn’t sweat it. All you need to know is that the Grand Entrance is simply that, Grand! The MC of your event will introduce each member of the Wedding Party, commonly just the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, but if you wish to introduce parents and flower girls and ring bearer and sponsors or anyone else, that’s entirely up to you. And of course, the Bride and Groom are last to enter the Reception.

What the DJ/MC needs to know is:

  1. How Many People will be coming in to the reception hall as part of the Grand Entrance?
  2. What Are their Names?
  3. Should I introduce First and Last Names?
  4. What are the Songs that you want played during the Grand Entrance?

Our suggestion is to keep it fairly simple but make it upbeat and fun! Choose a song that gets people excited, clapping, screaming and yelling for the Wedding Party, and ultimately Up On Their Feet for the Bride and Groom when they enter the room last.
Feel free to pick more than 1 song, but don’t get too carried away and pick 20 different songs if you have 20 people in your wedding party, it just get’s too messy for the guests and it never turns out the way you envision it. The best thing to do is pick a fun song, come in to the reception with lots of energy and this will set the mood for the rest of the evening, giving your guests in attendance the license to let loose and have a lot of fun!

One final tip:  Many Brides and Grooms choose to follow their Grand Entrance by immediately going into their First Dance.  We think this is a great idea simply because you already have everyone’s attention and you can get this part out of the way and relax and enjoy the rest of your evening with guests and dancing and having fun without being nervous about your 1st Dance.  But it’s only a suggestion, it’s your wedding, do it the way you want.

Here are the songs that Brides and Grooms chose for the Grand Entrance throughout all of the weddings we DJ’d in 2010, listed in Alphabetical Order. If you aren’t familiar with or just want to hear a song listed here, go to Youtube and type in the name of the song and artist and search and listen to the song, but remember to come right back to our website!

1.)  1,2,3,4- Plain White Tee’s
2.)  8 Second Ride- Jake Owen
3.)  Ants Marching- Dave Matthews
4.)  At Last- Etta James
5.)  Banana Pancakes- Jack Johnson
6.)  Beautiful Day- U2
7.)  Better Life- Keith Urban
8.)  Bittersweet Symphony- Verve
9.)  Burning Down The House- Talking Heads
10.)  Celebration- Kool & The Gang
11.)  Chicago Bulls theme song
12.)  Crazy In Love- Jay- Z fea Beyonce
13.)  Crazy Little Thing Called Love- Queen
14.)  Crazy Train- Ozzy Osbourne
15.)  Don Omar- Hasta Abajo
16.)  Don’t Worry Baby- The Beach Boys
17.)  Enter Sandman- Metallica
18.)  Eye Of The Tiger- Survivor
19.)  Final Countdown
20.)  Fire Burning- Sean Kingston
21.)  Get Down Tonight
22.)  Get The Party Started- PINK
23.)  Give Me Love( Give Me Peace On Earth)- George Harrison
24.)  Give Me Some Lovin’- Spencer Davis
25.)  Good Time- Alan Jackson
26.)  Hello, Good Morning- P. Diddy
27.)  Hey Boy, Hey Girl- The Chemical Brothers
28.)  Hey Soul Sister- Train
29.)  Hotel Room Service- Pitbull
30.)  How You Like Me Now- The Heavy
31.)  Hungry Heart- Bruce Springsteen
32.)  I gotta a feeling- Black eyed peas
33.)  I want You To- Weezer
34.)  I’m Too Sexy- Right Said Fred
35.)  KernKraft 400
36.)  Lovely Day- Bill Withers
37.)  Matt Scarnige Theme Song
38.)  My Love- The Bird & The Bee
39.)  New York New York-Frank Sinatra
40.)  One More Time-Daft Punk
41.)  Photograph- Def Leppard
42.)  Power Of Love- Huey Lewis
43.)  Pump It Up- Elvis Costello
44.)  Say Hey (I Love You)- Franti, Michael & Spearhead
45.)  September- EWF
46.)  Sexyback- Justin Timberlake
47.)  Supermassive Black Hole- Muse
48.)  The Final Count Down- Europe
49.)  The Good Life- Three Days Grace
50.)  The Might Bruins Fight Song
51.)  The Office Theme Song
52.)  This Will Be (An Ever Lasting Love)- Natalie Cole
53.)  Tonight, Tonight- Smashing Pumpkins
54.)  Top Gun Anthem- Harold Faltermeyer
55.)  You Are The Best Thing- Ray Lamontagne
56.)  You Never Can Tell- Chuck Berry
57.)  You Really Got me- Van Halen
58.)  You Shook Me All Night Long- AC/DC
59.)  You’re My Best Friend- Queen

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  • November 16, 2010 at 11:43 am • Posted by craps

    Wonderful story thanks!

  • November 30, 2010 at 6:57 am • Posted by Tom

    I help manage a Birmingham banquet facility and appreciate the list of most popular songs you have provided. This is the only blog that has had an actual compiled list! THANKS