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The Importance of Making Your Wedding Unique and Memorable

Bride and Groom This blog is for all those brides and grooms trying to plan a wedding and dealing with all the stress of making it unique.  I came across an informative article that I think will help some of you. Below is a quote from this article with a link to the original – hit the link if you’re interested in the rest of the story.

“Each and every wedding is unique in its very own way. Thus, every single detail related to it must carry a persona that truly reflects this sense of uniqueness and exclusivity that will contribute to the whole blissful wedding experience. Having personalized wedding items and novelties is definitely one of the best ways to achieve this. Not only these items depict the distinctiveness of your wedding reception, they also act as meaningful mementos for you and your guests as a remembrance of a beautiful wedding.” -Rene Lacape

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  • October 26, 2009 at 11:43 am • Posted by Jason

    I agree that there are times when our clients are so nervous and preoccupied with everything being perfect, they don’t allow themselves to relax and be themselves and have fun. Although, it is my experience that the vast majority of the brides and grooms we work with really have a blast at their wedding. I advise every couple to mingle a lot, to dance and let loose, not to drink too much, and to try to breath and enjoy every moment. If they trust the vendors and have made sure to hire professionals with lots of experience in the Wedding Industry, they don’t have much to worry about. Then again, there are some people that just constantly worry about everything and never let their hair down and enjoy life…I’m blessed to say that we don’t get many of those types of clients. In 10 years, I have a few Bride and Groom-Zilla’s but I managed to entertain and do the best job I could at their weddings and each of those couples turned out to have a terrific time. You just gotta smile, bring positive energy in, and give them a reason and the permission to have fun!