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Wedding Ceremony Music: Does It Have to be so traditional???

wedding_ceremonySo being a DJ for 20 years now, I’ve done my fair share of wedding ceremonies and receptions.  It’s got me thinking about ceremony music, when provided by the DJ.  I always seem to get the same question time after time.  “What type of music should we play for our ceremony?”  “We have no idea what to choose for the ceremony, Help!”   I can remember 5-10 years ago it was a no brain-er   DJ’s would always suggest the following:

“Bridal party can walk into Canon in D by Pachelbel, the Bride must walk into some sort of Bridal March and the exit as Husband and Wife should by Wedding March by Mendelssohn or a second choice of Spring (From The Four Seasons) by Vivaldi.

Flash forward 10 years now,  and that’s not the case anymore.  Of course you’ve probably seen the video on YouTube of The Best Wedding Entrance Dance Ever – Chris Brown – Forever when the bridal party is walking down the isle to Chris Brown’s pop song-Forever.  AND WHY NOT???

This might get all the Mother’s out there mad at me for what I’m about to say but your ceremony should match your personalities and musical taste, not follow an old standard rule of etiquette or tradition.  Why not get your guests off their seats and get them involved in some way? It sets a very fun tone and mood for the entire event.

In the last couple of  years, I’ve had a bride and groom exit to Kayne West’s “Gold digger” after they were announced for the first time as husband and wife! Groomsmen have walked into Survivor-“Eye of the Tiger”. There are no set standards anymore of what should be played at your ceremony. It’s okay to have a little fun right out of the gate.

So when you meet with your DJ to go over the all-important wedding ceremony music, whether you want your entrance to have a touch of elegance with a classical piece like “Canon D” or have everyone jump out of their seats with something like Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feeling,” either way it’s okay!  Oh, and by the way, these days, I don’t mind when a bride and groom ask the question “What type of music should we play for our ceremony?” I have an opportunity to get my creative juices flowing and their excitement for their wedding day grows to a whole new level!

Comments posted to Wedding Ceremony Music: Does It Have to be so traditional???

  • August 26, 2009 at 10:15 am • Posted by Dave

    Totally agree that we can move beyond overused music such as Pachelbel’s Canon in D and others. I think this overused music is due to a lack of knowledge of what music is out there.

    A bride can easily still express herself (and should!) and still have a traditional feel to her wedding by choosing music that isn’t overused.

    I think the Chris Brown dancing wedding entrance was awesome but not appropriate for a church.

    But even with a church wedding, a bride has many options, ranging from classical to contemporary, all appropriate for a church and all distinctive.

    The key is to stay away from the commonly-used choices!