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iPod Wedding Disaster

The Bride and Groom enter the reception with no music playing and no advance announcement to the guests. The Bride wanted to have her first dance with her groom immediately following the Grand Entrance, but the guests weren’t even aware that she was entering the... Continue Reading

Wedding DJ saves the Cake!

Wedding DJ saves the Cake!
As you can imagine, in my 11 year career as a DJ, particularly a Wedding DJ, I have seen just about everything, and if I haven’t seen it, one of my colleagues has, or I soon will. I want to tell you a story that... Continue Reading

Los Angeles Weddings : What’s Your Budget?

A wonderful blog we found about Wedding Budgets. Why Having A Wedding Budget Is Necessary?. “All of us at Elegant Event Entertainment understand what’s going on with the economy and the cost of a wedding.  We can make sure you stay within your budget with our... Continue Reading

Save A Buck Or Two!!

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As I was searching through blogs I came across this. Brides and Grooms are putting money back in to their pockets.  The Wedding Lens developed a list of  75 Cheap Wedding Tips that cover all kinds of areas of planning. “You want your wedding to be... Continue Reading

New Website Launch Special

New Website Launch Special
Hi, Welcome to our new, completely redesigned website.  We’re offering Fabulous Specials and Savings during our New Website Launch Celebration, now through April 1st. We hope you’ll find exactly what you came here for.  Whether you’re looking for a Los Angeles Wedding DJ,  Southern California Party DJ,... Continue Reading
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