Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah

As the son of a Rabbi, our own DJ Jon has been an intimate participant in many Mitzvahs, both before and after he became a DJ. His enthusiasm and familiarity with this special event are legend among our clients.

The 3 most important elements of a Mitzvah celebration:

  • Tradition

    Jon creates an atmosphere highlighting tradition. From the blessing over the meal, the time honored tradition of the Hora, and with his ability to perform Jewish music as a singer and guitarist, Jon reminds us even after the service had ended how important Mitzvah traditions are. He also incorporates “newer” Mitzvah traditions such as the candle lighting ceremony to commemorate family and friends.

  • Family

    Jon is intimately aware of the importance of family at a Mitzvah celebration. He makes sure everyone is involved in some aspect of the party, whether it through a grand entrance acknowledging each family member, calling family members to the microphone to offer special words to the Bar/ Bat Mitzvah, or a special dance dedicated solely to the family.

  • Fun

    Jon is the party expert! Through a non-stop fun filled day of games, interactive dances, diverse play lists for all guests, great giveaways and special requests, Jon makes sure everyone leaves the Mitzvah elated and exhausted! He knows how to maintain the perfect pace reflecting the tone of the day and the age groups present at the party. Some of the most popular games Jon loves to lead:

    • Coke and Pepsi
    • Scavenger Hunt
    • Mummy or Present Wrap
    • Freeze Dance
    • Musical Chairs
    • Dance Contest with gift giveaways
    • and many more

    Regarding Orthodox Jewish events, we understand and appreciate the religious and cultural backgrounds which may differ from our own. We have learned that the specific customs and observances required at an Orthodox Bar or Bat Mitzvah make performing our usual DJ Services challenging and so, we respectfully decline to perform at Orthodox events. If you have any questions, please give us a call. We love performing at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and this note only applies to true Orthodox celebrations.

    Jon works closely with you to customize a Mitzvah celebration that reflects your son or daughter’s unique personality as well as that of your family. He has many great ideas to share to make your celebration unique and beautiful!

A letter from DJ Jon:

Image: Jon Seltzer mixing for a Los Angeles Bar MitzvahGrowing up the son of a Rabbi allowed me to be a part of the Jewish community in a very intimate way. I remember joining my father on the bima to assist with holding the torah, guiding the Yad (pointer) while a torah portion was read, and kibbitzing with the community at the Oneg following the service. I remember wondering if I would continue to have these memories as I matured – Would I follow in my father’s footsteps? How would Judaism play a role in my chosen career outside of the walls of the synagogue? These were my questions as a young man.

Fortunately I have been able to maintain this very important connection to my familial and spiritual roots as a Mitzvah DJ and emcee. At a Mitzvah I get to use my knowledge of tradition, my sense of fun, my abilities as a song leader and singer, my passion for working with kids and families, and my personality to create some unforgettable Mitzvah magic!

At every Mitzvah I make sure to highlight what I consider the three most important elements to a successful and singular celebration; tradition, family, and fun. By ensuring that each of these key components is covered time and time again, every event shines in its own special way, reflecting each family’s uniqueness. I am sent wonderful letters of gratitude from families who couldn’t believe what an incredible afternoon they had. And I’m grateful for the amazing opportunity I have to bring together my skills and passions and share them with my community.

Looking back, I marvel at what a perfect return to my roots my role as a Mitzvah DJ is. And while I didn’t become a Rabbi like my dad, he and I joke about how my being a Bar / Bat Mitzvah DJ might very well be the next best thing!

- DJ Jon

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    Daryl was truly great to work with! He followed our song suggestions as well as added a few of his own that fit the dynamic of the group and got people to dance (a sure sign of a great wedding, right?) We had a mixed crowd of young people who loved dancing and older guests less inclined to dance, and Daryl was able find the happy medium to ensure all guests were having an enjoyable time. He also worked with our schedule and made sure the photographers were present at all important events (from the bouquet toss to the cake cutting) so all of our special moments were captured as he announced them. Picking a DJ is so much more than just music; you have to also find one who is organized, on top of scheduling, has the ability to MC the event as well, since the smoothness of the event from start to finish really depends on the DJ. My husband and I were very happy Daryl was able to DJ our wedding :)

    DJ O'Ryan of Elegant Event Entertainment played at our wedding just this past Friday at Eden Gardens. He was so great and played everything we requested! We had a special set list of songs that were important to my husband and he took the time to research them all. He mixed both of our cultures and everyone had a blast. He was upbeat and got the crown into it..Very prompt and professional-i would highly recommend him to do any event! (and not that it totally matters but..lady guests made sure to tell me he was easy on the eyes too..haha.) Thank you DJ O'Ryan!!!

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